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This page is designed to assist you with questions you should ask your confined space rescue team — and Rescue Pro’s answers to those questions.

QUESTION: What are the needs of the employer with regard to response time (time for the rescue service to receive notification, arrive at the scene, and set up and be ready for entry)?

ANSWER: Rescue Pro can be on the scene standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

QUESTION: Does the rescue service meet all the requirements of 1910.146 (k)(2) of the standard?

ANSWER: Rescue Pro has the highest level of training in the use of all PPE and equipment used in confined space rescue. Also, all CSR teams are certified EMT’s and practice simulated confined space rescue quarterly.

QUESTION: Is an adequate method for communications between the attendant, employer and prospective rescuer available so that a rescue request can be transmitted to the rescuer without delay?

Rescue Pro uses the same intrinsically safe radio’s used in fire departments all over the world to ensure safe and reliable communication between the rescuer, rescue team and the employer.

QUESTION: For rescues into spaces that may pose significant atmospheric hazards, does the prospective rescue service have an ample supply of airline respirators and replacement cylinders and procedures for rescuers to enter and exit well within the air supply limits?

ANSWER: Rescue Pro has Scott SCBA’s and air carts capable of supplying air to the rescuer and victim for over an hour.

QUESTION: If the space has a vertical entry over 5 feet in depth, can the prospective rescue service properly perform entry rescues? Does the service have the technical knowledge and equipment to perform rope work or elevated rescue, if needed?

ANSWER: All Rescue Pro CSR teams are also trained in vertical and high angle rope rescue and have performed rescues from as high as 600′.

QUESTION: Does the rescue service have the necessary skills in medical evaluation, patient packaging and emergency response?

ANSWER: All Rescue Pro CSR teams are certified EMT’s and professional firefighters.

QUESTION: Does the rescue service have the necessary equipment to perform rescues, or must the equipment be provided by the employer or another source?

ANSWER: Rescue Pro provides all of the rescue equipment including monitoring equipment, medical equipment and communication equipment.