Keys to performance



1. Pre-planning:

Rescue Pro will evaluate your permit-required confined spaces and develop written rescue pre-plans specific to the worksite. The plans will detail the procedures and equipment needed to perform a non-entry or entry rescue from that particular space. In addition, we can make suggestions to make the confined space entry safer for your employees and contractors. These plans will be discussed at the pre-entry briefing with the confined space entry supervisor. We can perform this service for a specific space or all of your spaces.

2. Training:

Rescue Pro’s training exceeds the national standard and is the most stringent in the industry. Rescue Pro has also had the unique opportunity to train in a cold box scheduled for demolition, providing us with invaluable knowledge and experience. This, along with the many other areas of expertise, makes Rescue Pro the industry leader in confined space rescue. All Rescue Pro teams are certified to NFPA’s Rescue Technician level in confined space. All team members meet the requirements for entry supervisor, entrant, attendant and stand-by rescue services.

3. Performance:

Our focus on employees, pre-planning and training enables us to provide quality rescue teams that can prevent, as well as mitigate, an emergency situation. In 2011, Rescue Pro had over 8,000 hours of confined space operation without an incident. The company attributes this to pre-planning, constant monitoring and ensuring a safe working environment before each job begins. At Rescue Pro, safety is paramount.