"Rescue Pro in Ashland, Kentucky, has the experts your company can rely on."

Providing confined space rescue services that exceed NFPA and OSHA requirements.

What is confined space rescue? Does your company need it?

OSHA defines a confined space as one that has limited or restricted means of entry or exit, is large enough for employees to enter and perform their work and is not designed for continuous occupancy (29 CFR 1910.146 (b)). Find out more about permit-required confined spaces — and identifiers of whether your company needs a confined space rescue service — by following the button below.

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A record that shows a 100% commitment to safety

Rescue Pro, based in Ashland, Kentucky, has the experience and training to ensure the utmost safety for customers. In 2011, Rescue Pro had over 8,000 confined space rescue hours without an incident. The company attributes this to pre-planning, constant monitoring and ensuring a safe working environment before each job begins. At Rescue Pro, safety is paramount.

Rescue Pro and performance

Our employees are what separates us from the rest

Rescue Pro employees are the essential piece to providing the professional services the company provides to its customers. Recruiting the right staff and providing them the proper training to to deliver in an efficient and professional manner — and then passing that winning formula along to the customer — is what gives Rescue Pro a competitive advantage with its services.

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